State of Law coalition refuses to enact a law regulating the work of the CMC (Details)
08-03-2016 02:15 PM

It accused the Commission of Culture and Information of parliamentary parties to block a coalition of state law by refusing to enact a law regulating the work of the media and communications.

The Chairperson of the Committee MP Maysoon al in a press statement on Tuesday that ' the Chairman of the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary bloc and some deputies coalition of state law they were protesting on the first reading of the proposed media and communications law.'

He showed that ' the head of the state law , Ali al - Adeeb expressed his desire to put Rezin law to the media and communications, was not against the first reading. "

She noted that the 'other deputies of the coalition of state law , they were not eager to enact a law regulating the work of the media and communications, and support the continuation of chaos, because the body is responsible for billions of dollars and do not have even the Office of Inspector General, and no one has control of. "

She explained that 'the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary believes that the follow - up CMC is the context of the work, which is not true, as according to the rules of procedure of Parliament (Article 100) CMC Committee on Culture and Information Parliamentary linked'.

She added that 'there from Arad to the bill that comes from the government , but the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the parliamentary committee issued five official correspondences to the current cabinet did not arrive no response'.

She noted that ' the bill is within the laws of the package have dragged the government, and there is no desire to re - send it to parliament.'

She continued that he ' has been trading volumes with legal experts who have confirmed the legitimacy of the parliamentary Committee on a proposal to move the law for the media and communications', stressing that' the Commission aims to put Rezin law to the media and communications serve the community not individuals. "

She explained that 'enactment of the law will save money for the state, because , according to Bremer 's decision (Order 65) at the time, the surplus of funds accruing to the body goes into the general state budget, and are to ACMA, its own budget , similar bodies of other'.

It reported that the 'request to cross - media and communications, which was adopted by the Commission and MP Hanan al still exists.'

She said ' the parliamentary legal committee told the Committee on Culture and the media to provide the documents to complete the procedures for requesting interrogation'.

The media and communications in Iraq , the first of its kind in the Middle East, and the body was founded in June 2004, in terms of establishing interoperability for the sectors of media and communications regulation standards and repaired, the fact that separation between the two sectors has become an obstacle to their growth and their development. An independent body that is not linked to any governmental entity under the Iraqi constitution, charged with organizing and the development of media and communications in Iraq as part of the modern international standards.

And that Iraqi legislation in force singled out the Media and Communications Commission exclusive powers, as a relevant legal authorities, licensing and regulating telecommunications, broadcasting and information services on the ground in Iraq.