Investment: an unprecedented exodus of companies from Iraq

Economy Since 2016-03-08 at 14:07 (GMT)
The balance of news

The Commission emphasized the economy, investment representative, on Tuesday, the security situation has worked on the reluctance of foreign investors coming to Iraq, indicating that investment law granting many paragraphs to investors.

Committee Member said Hareth al-Harthi l/balance of news, "after the adoption of the investment law No. (13) of 2006 amended many points came second to encourage the investor to come to invest and build infrastructure on the one hand and on the other hand the private sector Act which will become a partner of the investment companies that had been given too much power, including the exemption of taxes and fees and get the vacation time on single window" , Saying that "the law contains many passages came from the benefit of the investor."

He added, "the security situation which had occurred in the country from entering daash and occupation section of territory to make these companies back to their homelands", hoped that "there will be stability in the coming days and enter the investment companies to Iraq."

Recall that revealed the economy and Investment Committee Member representative Burhan Al-mamouri, earlier, about government neglect to support public and private sector and national production, it does not promote investment law which helps promote the economic reality in Iraq. All over