In a secret meeting ... What Maliki Shahristani said?

Political Since 03/08/2016 13:54 pm (Baghdad time)

Special / balances News
A source close to the secretary general of the Islamic Dawa Party Nuri al-Maliki on Tuesday, said the secret meeting took place between al-Maliki and al-Shahristani on Monday to discuss the idea of ​​resignation Hussain al-Shahristani and his retirement from politics and to leave Iraq on his way to Britain to live.

The source told / balances News /, "It was yesterday a meeting between al-Maliki and al-Shahristani, lasted for six hours, they discussed the idea of ​​resignation Shahristani and his retirement from politics and leave Iraq to live in London," noting that "al-Maliki rejected the resignation and told him if we left Iraq, you and I Each of the benevolent will remain to face the political Doaash. "

It is said that hundreds of Samawa, Kufa and Karbala and Baghdad's Mustansiriya university students demonstrated, demanding the sacking of Minister of Higher Education Hssn Shahristani and the dimensions of education for political quota system file.

From: Ola Massaol