Karbala backstage meeting: the coalition parties proposed the nomination of technocrats for the ministries and independent bodies

2016-03-07 22:35:01 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

It revealed the bloc of Prime Minister, yesterday, that the latter met with a representative of the religious authority in Karbala ahead of a meeting of the National Alliance , which was attended by al- Sadr for the first time leaders.

But the differences that a meeting of Karbala inability solved or alleviated, especially after the insistence of al- Sadr to his demands, made ​​the National Alliance at a crossroads.

According to political sources, the leader of the Sadrist movement will resort to demand the withdrawal of confidence from the Abadi after 45 days , which recently announced the formation of a government of technocrats is finished.

And focusing the dispute between the two destinations, the first with a strong government ministers technocrats chosen by the parties and blocs, and the second, led by al- Sadr, which calls for blocks away from the technocrats headed by al - Abadi.

Hakim and poses a compromise between the choice of a government of technocrats without Abadi, or limiting the change to replace the ministers who have failed to perform their duties, with the survival of Prime Minister.

According to a source from within the National Alliance that " the Sadrist movement has become aware of the inability of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to provide a technocrat government of non - partisan through what has been shown in the last National Alliance meeting , " pointing out that " the Sadrists will go after the end of the 45 - day deadline to adopt withdrawn confidence from the current government. "

The attention of the source, who spoke to (range), preferring anonymity said , "Abadi said in the last coalition meeting the possibility of providing new ministerial his booth end of this month to parliament for a vote."

The source pointed out that " al- Sadr reservations about the new cabin on the grounds that it showed a government of technocrats partisan candidacy political blocs."

The source continued that " the National Alliance meeting in Karbala lasted more than three hours , but al- Sadr withdrew before the end of the meeting , half an hour after he briefed Abadi for the formation of a new government of technocrats partisans."

The source revealed that " the meeting discussed the file of independent bodies and resolve the issue of appointments by proxy through the nominations forwarded by the political blocs through the raised figures of technocrats , " pointing out that "all these things enraged Muqtada al - Sadr , who insisted on the continuation of the demonstrations every Friday, which was rejected by Haider al - Abadi ".

Commenting on the meeting of Karbala, deputy Haider Mawla, a member of a coalition of state law, " a meeting of Karbala , says he has seen differences in views between the leaders of the National Alliance."

He said the Lord told the (range), " The National Alliance leaders had not met all of them for almost a year, which made ​​Karbala meeting gives a positive indication for resolving all outstanding matters and problems experienced by Iraq."

And it holds a deputy state law and the National Coalition commanders responsible for the problems faced by Iraq, because of the differences between the components of the alliance on the replacement of the current government.

Explains Haider Mawla said , "There are those who see the need to involve the political blocs to form a new government , while others are demanding Abadi granted authority to replace his booth ministerial The third party sees the need to rely on a committee set up by al- Sadr."

Mawla believes that "differing views due to the failure of the national components of the coalition agreement to resolve these differences." He noted that " the Prime Minister visited the representative of authority in Karbala before the coalition held a meeting and briefed him on the road map for the new government taking some of the recommendations and advice of the reference."

He predicted MP for the rule of law that the coalition leaders held on Tuesday another meeting to complete their discussions at a meeting of Karbala.

There were reports of al- Sadr to leave for a meeting of the National Alliance, which is the status of anger. But the statement of the President of the Alliance Ibrahim al - Jaafari , denied this, while stressing Ammar al - Hakim, head of the Supreme Council, said the meeting pillow positive atmosphere.

But al- Sadr said in a statement issued after the 14 hours of the adjournment of the meeting, that the National Alliance is not represented by the statement, and he did not write his presence and the presence of al - Hakim.

And on the last of its leader position, attached to block free via the MP Abdulaziz , who said Zalmi (range), that " the leader of Sadr withdrew from the coalition meeting and instructed to block free to boycott the upcoming meetings of the coalition."

In turn confirms mass citizen, according to its member MP Abdul - Jabbar Rhiv, he said that " the meetings of the National Alliance did not come with something new , but we hope in future meetings to come up with solutions to all problems."

He Rhiv "long" "There is a problem in the failure to reach appropriate to choose a government of technocrats mechanism, raising Unlike sharply between the components of the National Alliance."