Parliamentary Finance: customs duties is well thought out and corrupt interpolation mechanism

03/07/2016 18:13

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Confirmed member of the Finance Committee, parliamentary, on Monday, that the mechanism used in the customs fee "ill-considered" complete and marred by "corruption", while amazed not to be applied in the northern ports, revealed the intention of the Commission to host officials of the Customs Authority to determine the reasons "floundering" their work.

A member of the Commission, Majida al-Tamimi, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Committee opposes the mechanism used in the application of the tariff law because they are not well thought out," noting that "the Commission has received a lot of complaints about the application of the tariff law as well as observations of the media about. "

She said the MP for the Liberal bloc, that "the Commission will host next week, officials of the Customs Authority, to know the mechanism used in the reasons for the confusion quotient corruption collection of fees", surprising the "non-application of the tariff only in the southern ports affected by the puppies, while not applied in Northern ports in the Kurdistan region. "

She explained Tamimi, that "sales of movement in the region has caused a recession in southern Iraq account," asserting that "the work of checkpoints that have been developed in North Entrances, much of the corruption is."

The Iraqi Council of Ministers in (the 13th of December, decided to 0.2015 last) points in the development of the approved border crossing points shall audit and ensure that tariffs are met, and the introduction of standardization of quality control points.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said in (the sixth of August, the last in 2015), to postpone the introduction of the new tariff, attributing this to ensure the readiness of the border crossing points to be applied away from the "corruption and double standards."

And tariffs are taxes levied on goods imported by the State on the other, used several tariff countries to protect the industry from foreign competition by raising prices of imported goods, so the tariffs encourage local industries to increase their production, and forced citizens to pay higher prices if they wish imported goods, the Ministry of Finance has adopted a new customs duties on imported goods. this action provoked mixed reactions among economists, investors and traders in the area of ​​impact on the reduction of the entry of imported goods and rising prices.