Iraqi industry produces a coating for armoring cars and buildings against blasts

7/3/2016, 20:06 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

General Company for examination and rehabilitation engineering of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals said its production for chemically coating for armoring cars and buildings against blasts announced.

According to a ministry statement said, "the company announced its participation in the activities of the security and defense exhibition, which is currently being held on the land of the Baghdad International Fair announced the launch of its new products for the prevention of fires and explosions."

The general director of the company behind the Akkar Aboud said "the company's new products introduced after the recently opened production lines for two after it was produced by international companies."

"The first product is a product of the system to prevent the explosion is used to end the fire and explosion of materials potentially explosive atmosphere and that is transported by cars, tanks and bottles of gas tanks risk as had previously been used in a car big load carrier for fuel has contributed to the reduction of the risk of ignition and explosion."

He Abboud said, "The second product is a coating chemical used for armoring civilian cars and buildings against blasts and that the company is inviting interior and defense, housing and construction ministries to the conference which will be held later this month about the importance of this article, which will contribute if they were used in addition to what has been mentioned in protecting bridges and oil pipelines from corrosion and explosions ", stressing that" ready to meet the needs of the ministries mentioned them company. "

He said Aboud said the General Company for examination and rehabilitation engineering "has the first school for welding in the Middle East and line for the production of elevators, mechanical workshop integrated contain a number of equipment and machinery programming cnc also owns a large collection of mechanical laboratories, including the chemical, electrical, civil and laboratories materials that make them be the viewfinder and control quality of company military industries. "