Iaram Sheikh calls for the involvement of women in cabinet reshuffle

CCAMLR called Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Iaram Sheikh Mohammed on Monday to pave the way for women to participate in the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle
Said Sheikh Mohammed, during a speech at the celebration of the House of Representatives long International Women's "salute the role of Iraqi women and patience to have suffered persecution during the former regime, as well as its role in the new order after the fall of the former regime, women's terrorist attacks and determination did not discourage to continue the march, life and jihad against injustice and tyranny ".
He pointed to "assign women several ministerial portfolios because it enjoys with great efficiency and has a high willingness to take responsibility in all state institutions."
"We strongly support that women play a bigger role, especially in the current circumstances," and called on "political leaders and decision-makers to make way for women in the next cabinet reshuffle because we believe in their abilities and their energies."
And between Sheikh Mohammed, "We legislative authority will work diligently and faithfully to install women's rights and protection through laws and regulations and to intensify efforts to combat violence against women," and urged "authorities and relevant ministries and civil society organizations to count the number of needy families and the possibility of its presence in order to turn our executive institutions in the country to move at a rapid pace for poor segments including women as well as providing assistance to the displaced and affected against the people displaced by the continuing military operations against the terrorists. "
He pointed out that we feel the pain of what happened Alaesideat of crimes against women and call on the international community to free them from the grip of Daash terrorist gangs. "