Kurdish MP demanding a share of women in the upcoming reforms

He asked the deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance, to be women in ministerial positions for the upcoming government reforms.

The MP Shirin Dino told all of Iraq [where] that "Iraqi women took accrues proportionately only the House of Representatives, but we want to be a percentage of their participation and access to positions of prime minister and many places, was supposed to get according to the constitution."
And he stressed "the need to move the woman to get ministerial positions and even the sovereign, and that also have positions in independent bodies."
It is noted that in the current government's position of one of the women represented the Ministry of Health, chaired by Adila Hammoud, while women received 25% of the members of the House of Representatives as stipulated by the Constitution to be the representation of women by 25%, and noted the importance of their participation in political life.