Abadi, calling for a "real revolution" against corruption and grand opening files

03/07/2016 17:49

BAGHDAD / obelisk: called on Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, to "the head of corruption" hit in the state, and the "real revolution" against him and opened big files, and while stressing the importance of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption in the prosecution of corrupt, pledged to provide the necessary support for it.

Ebadi said in a statement issued by his office after a meeting of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption and a group of judges, he said that "corruption in which capital base is necessary to eliminate corruption and its leaders," noting "the importance of cooperation between the executive, judicial and legislative authorities to eliminate corruption, and there should be big heads corruption behind bars. "

Abadi stressed "the importance of that did not get to the corruption of the regulatory agencies, and hit a strong hand on corruption," pointing out that "some people want that breaks down everything to restore law of the jungle."

Abadi added, "we will be able to eliminate the corrupt and should not fear them and we start the top of the head of the corruption in the state regardless of his position or his party," and called for "a real revolution against corruption and grand opening files of corruption."

He called al-Abadi to "disclose all funds and prosecute corrupt," noting "the importance of these procedures that are going to build a state on the basis of sound."