Parliament transmits 991 a corruption case to the public prosecutor and integrity
03/07/2016 13:54 Number of Vi

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press:

A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, Mohammad Hamidi fact, on Monday, for the 991 committee referred the dossier to the public prosecutor and the Integrity Commission, noting that there are 91 files of large files that included all state institutions, notably schools ready file.

Said Hamidi, for "tomorrow's Press," "The Integrity Commission has referred 991 files to the prosecutor general and the Integrity Commission, there are 91 files of large files, which include all ministries and institutions," adding that "the most prominent existing files you work on integrity is ready schools." .

He said Hamidi, said that "there is a great waste of public money in the ready-school file, because the completion rate reached in some schools 3%, in spite of receiving 60% of their funds by the public sector companies affiliated to the state," explaining that "the contracts signed in the era of the minister former Education Mohammad Tamim. "