Parliamentary Integrity: the assignment of corruption files into private banks judiciary

Political Since 03/07/2016 13:18 pm (Baghdad time)

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Admitted to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, on Monday, all civil investigations of banks is completed and forwarded to the Integrity Commission and the judiciary, describing those banks as "shops" to sell the currency and smuggling of currency abroad.

Said committee member Mohamed fact that L / balance News /, "The committee began an extensive investigation into the work of private banks and responded to it by Akhbarat this regard where he was awarded a number of those banks files into the Integrity Commission and the Iraqi judiciary and timely issued arrest warrants and Astkdamat toward managers number from private banks, "noting that" measures have been taken and were different and disparate judicial rulings in this regard. "

He added that "the files relating to banks and civil varied including those related to money laundering and the other is the existence of suspicions of corruption in connection with the work of those banks where the most Alakhbarat received by the Commission confirm that some of those working in Iraq banks just" shops "to sell the currency shall not exercise its banking customary form a globally assigned to it according to the law. "

He pointed out that it "was a means of money laundering and smuggling of currency abroad," explaining that "the Commission stressed the central bank to take legal measures lead to the provisions of the work of these banks."

He explained that "the central bank move a number of cases against a number of banks in the past and the imposition of various fines as a result of financial and administrative irregularities by those banks," noting that "most of the criminal cases brought by the Central Bank decided by the Iraqi judiciary issued various provisions to fine those banks ".

It is said that the Parliamentary Integrity Commission member Adel Nouri revealed, earlier, to contain the currency auction of the massive smuggling of state funds operations in addition to fit on a forged bonds, while noting that the Commission has developed community banks in the black list. is over

From: Nur al-Din Wahba