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Thread: Financial: tax increase without servicing anger citizens 3-7

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    Financial: tax increase without servicing anger citizens 3-7

    Financial: tax increase without servicing anger citizens

    2016/06/07 (00:07 p.m.) - hits: 167 - number (3592)
     Baghdad Ibrahim Ibrahim

    The parliamentary Finance Committee, confirmed on Sunday the necessity of restructuring the career system state before new levies on citizens, calling for a fight against the corrupt and bring them to justice, invited economists to sustain service levy funds institutions themselves.

    Baghdad provincial Council had revealed his intention to impose a fee on vehicles entering the capital from the provinces, totalling billion dinars a day, while Baghdad showed that it has a plan to transmit the Baghdad international airport for investment as well as a set of "investment opportunities".

    Member of the Finance Committee said Majida Al-Tamimi "range", that "most of the civilized world depend on economies on tax collection in multiple forms to meet submission of integrated services to its citizens without discrimination".

    "Most States today launched oil dispense resources meet the investment and fiscal aspects of activation which almost the 70% of the balance of those States".
    Tamimi said that "poor performance and poor management of successive Governments for years has effectively wasting billions of dollars which if invested properly contributed to building countries like Jordan and Syria.

    It showed that "the insistence on recognizing duds and corrupt and plunderers public strained the local economy and bankrupt the Treasury so it destroyed most of the infrastructure of basic services lacking citizen now."

    And Tamimi confirmed that "reform tsadi isn't by charging material shall be borne by the citizens, but also the duty of the Government to develop plans and in-depth studies of how to provide the services on a continuous basis and claim wages of citizens."
    "Financial corruption pervasive in various joints of the State prevents the provision of basic services and that will waste tax funds to be collected in various ways.

    And increased the "restructuring of the career system for the State and combating corrupts and bring to justice the first reform steps."

    The Economist said the name Abdul Hadi said in an interview for "the range", "suffocating financial crisis affecting the country prompted the Government to find alternatives to increase its financial resources by imposing some taxes to meet citizens ' services.

    "Detailed plans for how to increase citizens ' tax aspects would decipher the confusion between the local and central institutions.
    Abdul Hadi said that "the money collected be motivated by organizational and financial, that is not the purpose of the collection of funds must be allocated to sustain the infrastructure for services and not to increase the funds of the Treasury at the expense of the well-being of citizens".
    The "raced several government institutions to multiple taxation titles without a thorough examination of the feasibility and the amount of funds obtained would aggravate public discontent.

    Abdel Hadi asked "is there a law governing the multiplicity of taxation developed? And how to control the funds levied by government institutions "?.
    "The overall financial controls prevent institutions from redistributing their tax money without reference to the Federal Ministry of finance which are entitled to priority setting in the Exchange process.

    "The imposition of $ 1000 dinars on entering Baghdad and the Health Ministry to levy a certain amount of visitors for patients do not represent large sums without the presence of sensitive statistics total individuals benefiting from the service provision and the need to focus the funds to sustain the infrastructure of these institutions."

    He was Chairman of the Investment Committee in Baghdad provincial Council Burhanuddin Isaac said Monday (February 15, 2016), a (range), that "the Council discussed the possibility of collecting money from vehicles entering Baghdad and to vote on it until next week's hearing.

    Isaac said, "nearly one million vehicles entering Baghdad daily and can collect some billion dinars if the imposition of a thousand dinars on each one of them, as do many countries around the world," adding that it "could provide the necessary funds to maintain the streets and perform other projects, with a budget half board reduction as a result of the financial crisis."

    For his part the spokesman in Baghdad, Hakim Abdul Zahra, a (range), that the Secretariat examine with the Department of transportation, responsible for Baghdad international airport, the possibility of collecting money from passing vehicles on airport road, it provides services ", adding that" the Secretariat was still considering a range of other investment opportunities, identify suitable land.

    He said Abdul Zahra, "the projects Department in the Secretariat is working to end the procedures for specific capital investment plan, yet to be announced by the two of them," returned to "new investment opportunities include surprise for young people and the unemployed," without revealing details.
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