The work invites foreign companies to support the private sector in Iraq

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Baghdad the balance of news
The Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, on Monday, several proposals for the Iraqi-American Council for trade and investment in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce.

Said Labour Ministry spokesman Ammar Menem in a statement/balance of news copy, "the Labor Department filed its proposals with regard to the Iraqi-American Council for trade and investment to the Ministry of Commerce to ask the us side at the next meeting", adding that "the proposals dealt with several aspects, linking trade and FDI growth in employment in the economic sectors and also support small and medium-sized enterprises to strengthen national capacity to grow and create opportunities."

Menem noted that "the Ministry of labour had proposed strengthening the social responsibility of the evil of foreign and American ones to implement programmes in support of the objectives of the social service of the Ministry of labour. It was also proposing to expand investment in vocational and technical education to support the national system to raise professional and technical competencies.

And among labour spokesman has proposed strengthening Iraqi social protection system and encourage foreign companies to join a guarantee fund and ensure a safe environment as well as the coordination between the axles and inflation ", in the same" diet run 50% of Iraqi employment projects by foreign companies. "
Menem said that "the Labor Ministry put the proposals to be foreign investment in infrastructure development in Iraq as power generation and support the creation or rehabilitation of the social and health centers.

Sealing work spokesman as saying that "the Ministry called on its proposals to support private sector development strategy in Iraq." I ended up 29/4 e