Iraq paid two billion dollars for international oil companies


Baghdad / long - Presse

The Iraqi Oil Ministry announced that Iraq will pay two billion dollars accrued late for foreign oil companies, and while expected to bring oil production up slightly in the current year, confirmed the talks with oil companies to develop oil fields south.
The agent said the oil minister for extraction operations Fayyad grace in a report published by Reuters news agency and seen by (long-Presse) that "Iraq will pay for foreign oil companies an amount of two billion dollars accrued late 2015, during the month of April next year," noting that "the new amended agreement will help in lack of inflation Bklv output that predicted Iraq's debts to occur. " Grace said, "One of the proposed ways to reduce the cost the company is said to recognize drilling operations National Drilling Company, and replace foreign workers workers local," expected to "bring oil production up slightly during 2016 and it made in the size of the investment for foreign contractors affected by the Balenkhad budget contraction happening to oil prices. " He predicted the grace "to reach an agreement by the end of this year with companies Petro Jayna and Exxon Mobil and the oil companies again to invest in a project that aims to boost production of smaller oil fields in the south," noting that "investing companies will help enhancing production rates from Artaua fields and river bin Omar with building infrastructure for the energy, and that the revenues obtained from these fields will help repay the investment costs. "