The central bank contracts with four international companies for the printing of the new national currency

Iraqi Central Bank has contracted with four well-known international companies for the printing of new currency in order to print the new national currency after deletion of zeros from them.
A member of the parliamentary Economic Committee, Khalil Mahma "project to delete the three zeroes from the currency Balnajeh," adding that "the ideal time to replace them."
He explained that "the project to delete three zeros from the local currency is one of the important projects and at all levels, whether economic or security for the country."
He pointed out that "the subject of the program by the central bank and a good time to replace the ideal currency, which will be early next year."
He pointed out that "the central bank has contracted with four companies, internationally-known and solid in the field of international currency printing, without giving their names or nationalities," asserting that "the time is still too early to announce the nationalities of those companies."

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