Urgent meeting of the poles of the National Alliance in Karbala for "setting the record straight."

Sunday 06-03-2016 | 3:37:55

Twilight News / National coalition leaders held in the province of Karbala, a meeting described as significant to discuss specific measures to "government reform".

A source familiar with the Twilight News, said the meeting would be held in the presence of coalition Ibrahim al - Jaafari and Hakim leaders and Muqtada al - Sadr, Haidar Abadi and others.

He added that the meeting will discuss frameworks to make the change and reform requirement in the government , "I think will put points on the characters in accordance with the decisions of the meeting."

It was Abadi already meeting by asking The document "integrated" and a roadmap for comprehensive reform and the fight against corruption, and the ministerial amendment. According to a government statement.