Parliamentary economy reveal the existence of plans to activate the tourism sector

Economy Since 03.06.2016 at 11:35 (Baghdad time)

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A commission of economy and investment representative, on Sunday, there are plans to activate the tourism sector and the advancement of economic reality.

He said committee member Najiba Najib's / balances News /, "The first step for the advancement of economic reality is interest in the agricultural and industrial sector because some plants need support in order to be rehabilitated and thus provide jobs and have more economic paybacks."

She said Najib, "As for the tourism sector, there are plans and programs are converting to private investment so as not to overburden the burden on the budget, as it we have a good religious tourism if organized well by some of the ministries concerned in this regard and those we could get revenues supply the state treasury a lot of money ".

She noted that "religious tourism in Iraq is the front-runner of the geographical and archaeological tourism, considering that the security situation has a significant impact on that side," asserting that "all these things are just initial steps deliberate but fruit be gained at a later time and not immediately."

She said, "The country was going through an economic and administrative chaos, in addition to the obvious lack of planning and strategy, but do not drop in oil prices to what we saw performing procedures seriously and move a few things."

It is said that the economic and investment commission in Parliament, announced earlier, the intention of the government to activate the tourism sector in Iraq, similar to other countries.

From: Ola Massaol