Organization relationship between competition investigates people's economy and market economy

05/3/2016 12:00 am

Mohammed Sharif Abu maysam

There is a negative definition of market economy that "only the State in any economic activity can an individual or group of individuals to do" this definition is intended to repeal the State's role in full from the economic scene ostensibly liberal market, unleash absolute private capital in the conduct of economic life.

From the daily movement of activities of walmtnfzah actors and many civil society organizations, the media, and some economists and practitioners in the fields of business and finance, any votes for unrivalled enthusiasm to delinquency towards this kind of market economy quickly filed out of the financial crisis in the country.

The formation of market mechanisms

And the reason for the question here, is a total disregard for the importance of the application of the laws that govern market relations on the basis of which the market mechanism can be shaped according to the contexts regulating competition and prevent monopoly and protect consumers, and limit the accumulation of funds at the expense of the public interest and protect the environment and reduce money laundering and smuggling, as well as complete disregard for the importance of a private banking sector capable of contributing to the financing of activities of poor economicDeh despite considerable support enjoyed by the private banking sector in the past years through monetary policy tools represented by Central Bank auction to sell the dollar and granting benefits to these banks ' deposits in the Central Bank vaults, ranging from 21 to 7 percent through so-called investment, in addition to continuing claims more support for the private sector, which enjoyed considerable support in the past years through subsidized loans from State banks through what was stated in the laws budgets General for the years 2012 and 2013 and 2015, which included provisions which grant loans to industrialists through industrial and agricultural loans through the agricultural Bank benefits not to exceed 2 percent by loans that have been offered to the agricultural sector through agricultural initiative program with benefits ranging from zero to 2 percent.

The Central Bank loan

So we are about private sector recline on the State is still waiting for support through the Central Bank loan of specialized banks at the same time as mounting calls for the abolition of the role of the State in running the economy!, we confused hurry, do we in the direction of the shift towards a social market economy or a market economy takes shape of absolute capital? In both cases we are in urgent need of legislation more laws regulating market relations and the most important "labour law and social security" and activating the economic laws and legislation remained stalled over the years, notably "competition law, antitrust, and consumer protection law and the labour law and the law on the protection of the local product and pension law."

Social market economy

To advise the Iraqi economy which has leaned on rent over the years is that the confiscated rent through in the midst of this fanfare for the benefit of capital which matured forms and different ways during the last stage, without acknowledging the eligibility of the parish to live decent, committed social market economy system in many States stand in the forefront of Germany and Austria and Denmark to achieve the greatest level of prosperity with the community and employees. Under this system, the Government is not acting negatively as in a free market economy, but also intervenes on the sidelines of the course of the economy, which is in the private sector, have a role to play in stimulating economic activity, and develop policies that ensure an honest and healthy competition, along with social policies which ensure workers and all citizens the right to social welfare.

Accordingly we think engagement between the capitalist market economy calls it intrudes on the body of the State and called for more support, and calls for a social market economy is part of the economic system, shaped elements on the basis of rights and duties.

Obligations of the market and society

To create a positive climate for business in any market requires a contribution to support health, education and social welfare in order to reach the level of the rule of law, and create security climates capable of attracting investments, the issue is not the acquisition of the means of production and capital without obligations to the market and society, not slogans and charges ready attached to necks claimants of the importance of the establishment of real social justice as the Foundation of freedom of capital, it is important to not look at international experiences into one, if we are to Talk about welfare and incomes in the EU we need to understand what happens to capital that drives the market of tax liabilities and environmental and ethical rights of workers and the general public.

This is what we call economy, is created for him as it is to establish the domination of money that she be or become flabby by chaos and corruption to be the actors in the economic landscape? Or unleash brutal capital who was born of the womb of corruption and revenue and grew up in a State that recognizes the rights of people in a social market system.