Sadr describes the National Alliance to "national offset" and accuses him of trying to disrupt the demonstrations

March 5, 2016 15:15

Sadr describes the National Alliance b & quot; National offset & quot; And accuse him of trying to disrupt the demonstrations

BAGHDAD - Baghdad News described the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr on Saturday, the National Alliance to "national offset" and accused him of trying to disrupt the protests, and constantly face demonstrations in Baghdad and all exclusively demonstrators provinces.

Sadr said in a statement Baghdadi News received a copy of it, "all the love and loyalty and gratitude, those who demonstrated in front of the doors of the region red, hand in hand with Alraakih heroine security forces, despite the ban , which was issued by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi about the place pretending, after he got support of some allies in the (national offset) to disable Iraqi demonstrations and mute the sound free. "

He added, " We must promise God and the nation that we remain free, to not be a slave to corruption and the corrupt, we should not waste the Divine luck and great victories for Mazahratkm and Jihad brethren in the battlefield."

The face of al - Sadr in his statement the protesters to "continue to demonstrate in Baghdad exclusively, in the presence of the people of Baghdad and the provinces as a whole, for those who can come to you, peaceful demonstration, to get to the real comprehensive reforms, and as soon as possible, to catapult Iraq to the righteousness of safety and security , " stressing the "move to raise your voices, ye right sound, the sound of the reform with which we win, and its subject all corrupt sat on the throne of Iraq. "

He explained, " The Independent Commission authorized the selection of personalities technocrats, is nearing completion of providing individuals ministerial cabin to form a government, in order to provide to the House of Representatives by the Prime Minister, to vote by your esteemed as we know it , and then Cetknon authorized you Achab Iraq, but you will be obliged to defend Arackm and security and sovereignty and goodness, the blessings of the parliament he may do so, otherwise Valammer to Mukul people, and you the option to express your voice whatever.