Alabegi announce the formation (National Civil Movement) and confirm: I will not represent civil coalition after today

2016-03-05 22:14:06 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Said MP Sunrise Alabegi on Saturday, the formation of the National Civil Movement, confirmed that the new composition comprises political forces and groupings mass, and as pointed out that the movement will work on the problems in Iraq alternatives mode, confirmed it would represent the movement in the parliament will not represent civil coalition after day.

The secretary general of the Movement Sunrise Alabegi in an interview with (long - Presse) that "today was the announcement of the launch ( of the National Civil Movement) political as an organization that combines political forces and groupings mass in order to put the features of the program of the national project of civil in Iraq , " indicating that " the movement will the development of alternatives to the problems experienced by Iraq, which can not be solved only by the civil state. "

Alabegi added that " the movement and after the announcement of its launch will begin work on assembling organizations and forces from different parts of Iraq, which continuously communicate with us to bring life political organization of civil powers , " pointing out that "so far we have not seen in accordance with regulatory politically civilians despite the presence of political forces civilian in Iraq practiced a lot of activities. "

The secretary - general of the movement that she "will represent this movement in parliament and will call on all the forces that believe in the principles of the National Movement and its goals for Anzmam to the movement," saying it "will not represent Civic Democratic Alliance after today."

The formation of the national civil movement at a time when a wave of protests escalate in a number of Iraqi provinces to demand reform and accountability of the corrupt and thieves of public money, as witnessed demonstrations in the past Asabiaha post supporters of civil power with the supporters of the Sadrist movement and the most recent demonstration, on Friday (March 42 016) , in front of one of the green Zone in central Baghdad gates.