Parliament Minutes for Saturday 5 March 2016
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    Parliament Minutes for Saturday 5 March 2016

    House of Representatives finish reading three bills


    Finished houses at its fifteenth regular, headed by Dr. Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 267 deputies today Saturday, 03/05/2016, read the three bills.

    At the outset of the meeting hailed President al - Jubouri on the efforts of parliamentary committees of the extraordinary efforts in the legislative and supervisory work, especially the Legal Committee that take it upon themselves to submit draft laws, noting that the draft of the amnesty law is ready for presentation to a vote in the House of Representatives.

    On the other hand, Mr. Jubouri pointed out that the World Bank pledged during the meetings held with officials to make efforts to support Iraq and help him out of the financial crisis, pointing to the acceptance of the World Bank president and general secretary of the United Nations for Iraq's invitation to come to the House and talk about the financial crisis and provide assistance and advice, stressing the importance of economic reform to be of the most important aspects that the House of Representatives is looking to achieve.

    Mr. President of the Council pointed to the need for the House of Representatives moved on Member States at a conference of Islamic associations parliaments and conduct dialogues in areas that serve the issues of Iraq.

    Mr. Jubouri He noted the keenness of the House of Representatives on the implementation of the reform that bears the executive responsible for any delay in the execution, criticizing the defamation campaign against the House of Representatives, especially with regard to salaries, noting that the House of Representatives first dish reforms and continuously implemented for the benefit of the Iraqi people, expressing Council estimate of the demonstrations that came out and standing by the demands of the masses, blaming Tnniv responsibility for delaying the promised reforms, including reform was implemented.

    In turn, the chairman revealed the Finance Committee MP Faleh force of the Council 's commitment to the Council of Ministers decision Btejevd salaries of deputies and prepare protections since the first of August, as well as Council staff to reduce the salaries, noting that the statement by the spokesman for the Council of Ministers in this regard not true that the Council We are committed to the reforms of Representatives.

    Then the Council voted on membership Attorney Luis Caro Bandar health of the mass of the Popular Council of Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Word appeal submitted by Mr. Adad Yusuf Ishaq, who belongs to an entity sons of Mesopotamia.

    The council also voted to full membership of the MP Nasser al-Zaidi's health and who belongs to the entity of the state of law of the Islamic Dawa Party-Iraq Organization stated appeal submitted by Mr. Ali Jabbar maintained against him.

    The Council recalled the uprising Kurdistan region against injustice and tyranny which the body of the former dictatorial regime.

    This was followed by the Attorney Saman Fattah, a statement on behalf of Kurdish blocs in which he pointed to twenty-five years after the Kurdish uprising against the former dictatorial regime, which coincided with the popular uprising in the south, recalling the struggle of the people of Kurdistan in order to claim the right to self-government, calling at the same time, the House of Representatives to intervene with the Foreign Ministry to demand a halt to the Turkish shelling of Kurdish cities.

    It was after reading the Fatiha in memory of the souls of those who sacrificed themselves for the homeland and freedom.

    It ended the first reading of the draft Open Educational College Act and sponsored by the Education Committee for the total cancellation of the transfer of assets, rights and obligations and property belonging to her estate to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research , after the payment of financial obligations and graduated last batch there.

    The Council voted on the response the bill in principle to the government to make an adjustment needed it.

    And threw MP Risan Dler statement calling for to achieve security and stability for the Iraqi people like the peoples of other, claim to make efforts and create the era of the most beautiful of peace, harmony and infused with a tender and tolerance humanitarian among all Iraqi factions and achieve by uniting the will of everyone through the announcement of a close social ladder in order to restore confidence between the citizens and emulate the global figures which focused on peace and tolerance.

    Mr. President of the Council and the face of the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research , visited the University of Muthanna to stand up to the demands of the students after the demonstrations , which they did and moved to the House of Representatives.

    The Chairman of the Commission on Higher Education and Scientific Research Attorney Sherko Mirza detailed report dealt with the demonstrations staged by the University of Muthanna and the accompanying events and the arrest of a university professors, (text of the report).

    Mr. President and thanked the Higher Education Commission for its quick response to the directives of the Council and go to the universities concerned and listen to the issues that need to be addressed.

    The Council voted on the recommendations of the Commission on Higher Education and the mini-committee charged with monitoring the situation in Muthanna University students solve the Iraq problem.

    The Board completed the first reading of the draft second amendment to the law of the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Law No. (43) for the year 1989 submitted by the committees of economy, investment and finance in order to keep pace with developments in the commercial sector on the regional and international levels and to deepen relations in this area and determine the duration of the electoral cycle in the Chambers of Commerce.

    Council completed reading the report and discuss the draft exemption Iraqi and foreign companies implementing investment projects Act of taxes and fees submitted by the finance and economy, investment and legal committees.

    Interventions in the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives demanded Rep. Nora Albjara readmission bill to the government for drafting again.

    He MP Jawad al - chairman of the Committee on the economy and investment that the investment projects within the general budget projects, calling for finding new revenue for the state through taxes levied on investment projects.

    He called Abdul-Salam al-Maliki to postpone the enactment of the law and return it to the government as being contrary to the directives of the state to find new outlets for revenue.

    The MP Hamdiya Husseini that the country suffers from a lack of services and the need to attract funds and investors ' capital and to provide facilities for them by reducing taxes and support the operation of labor in the country, expressing support for the legislation of the bill.

    She MP Birwan repairman support for the opinion of the relevant committees returns the bill with a classification of investment sectors according to its terms of reference.

    President al-Jubouri, in turn, instructed the relevant committees to approach the executive to look into the financial aspects of the inquiry on the way legislation of the law to serve the public interest.

    Mr. Jubouri behalf of the Council condemn the criminal incident, which involved a MP Ibtisam al-Hilali, calling on security forces to take a real role in maintaining security and safety of citizens and the formation of committees to know the cause of the accident.

    And on the paragraph question oral inscribed on the agenda of the meeting, the MP explained Hanan al to her question on the issue of transit Ministerial exam has been brought to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research , during his attendance at the session of the Council in September last year and was the answer to the question.

    For his part, the President put the question on the agenda was based on parliamentary procedures and the department to complement its work on the follow-up of what arrive parliamentary questions.

    And then it decides to adjourn the meeting until tomorrow Sunday, 03/06/2016.

    The information department
    Iraqi Council of Representatives

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