Organize their relationship achieves competition between people's economy and the market economy

3/5/2016 0:00

Mohammed Sharif Abu Mayssam

there is a negative definition of the market economy that "unless the State in any economic activity can an individual or individuals to do , " a group This definition is intended to eliminate the role of the state entirely from the economic landscape the grounds of market liberalism, and unlock absolutely private capital in the conduct of affairs economic life.

It is the reality of the daily movement of the activities of actors and influential and many civil society organizations, the media and some economists and practitioners in the financial and business fields, step up and voices that call with enthusiasm unrivaled to delinquency towards this kind of a market economy as soon as the pretext to get out of the financial crisis in country.

formation of market mechanisms , and invites us to question here, is the complete disregard of the importance of the application of the laws governing market relations on which mechanism can the market be formed according to the contexts govern competition and prevent monopoly and protect the consumer and labor and reduce the accumulation of money on the expense of public interest and to protect the environment and reduce the money and smuggled laundering, as well as a total disregard for the importance of having a private banking sector is able to contribute to the financing of economic activities in spite of the strong support given to the private banking sector in the past years through monetary policy represented tools auction the central bank to sell the dollar and the granting of interest on these deposits banks in central bank coffers , which ranged from 21 to 7 percent over the so - called night investing,

as well as continuing claims more support to the private sector which has received a great deal of support over the past years through - backed government banks loans through what is stated in the budget laws General for the years 2012, 2013 and 2015, which included provisions under which the granting of loans for industrialists through the industrial Bank loans for farm through the Agricultural Bank of the benefits does not exceed 2 percent next loans that were and continue to provide the agricultural sector across the agricultural initiative program benefits ranged from zero to 2 percent. Bank loan Central then we are about the private sector leaned on the state and is still waiting for support through the Central Bank for banks specialized in the same time as calls mount for the abolition of the state 's role in the conduct of economic affairs !, what makes us puzzled loan, do we toward the shift towards a market economy social, or the capitalist market economy takes shape absolute?

In both cases , we urgently need to enact more laws governing market relations is the most important , "Labor Law and Social Security" and activate the economic laws legislated and remained deadlocked over the past years, particularly the "competition law and antitrust and consumer protection law, labor law and the law to protect the product local and pension law.

" social market economy that the most serious suffered by the Iraqi economy , which has been leaned on rents over the long years, is to confiscate rents entirely in the midst of the jargon in favor of capital that matured forms and different ways during the last stage, without acknowledging entitlement parish a decent living, as the social market economy system in many countries stand in the forefront of Germany, Austria, Denmark is committed to achieving greater levels of prosperity while ensuring the community and employees.

Under this system the government does not act as passive as in a free market economy, but also interfere with the course of the margins of the economy , which is far beyond the borders of the civil private sector, so have a role in stimulating economic activity, and to develop policies that ensure competition honest and sound, along with social policies guarantees for workers and all citizens the right to social welfare. based on the above , we have to NFC clash between the calls to the economy of the capitalist market , which intrudes on the body of the state and calls for more support, and among those calling for the economy of a social market shall be part of the economic system, formed elements on the basis of rights and duties.

market commitments and society to create a positive business climate in any market requires a contribution to support the health and education sectors and social welfare in order to reach the level of the rule of law, creating a security climates capable of attracting investment, the issue is not acquire the means of production, capital , without commitments to the market and society, and the issue is not slogans and charges ready attached to the necks of the claimants of the importance of incorporation real social justice as the foundation of the freedom of capital, the important thing is not to look at international experiences with one eye, and if we are talking about well - being and income level in the European Union we have to understand what happens to the capital which drives the market from the tax, environmental and ethical obligations concerning the rights of workers and the general public. this is what we call a people 's economy, would be of incorporation to him as the foundation for the dominance of money that Trhilt by chaos and corruption to be the actors in the economic landscape?

Or unleash the brutality of capital , which was born from the womb of corruption and baby rents and raised in the confines of the state without recognizing the rights of people in a social market system.