Denmark sent special forces and warplanes to Iraq


Roudao - Erbil

He said Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen, on Friday, he received the support of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Parliament to send 400 an element of special forces and warplanes to Syria and Iraq to fight organizing Daash.

Rasmussen said in a statement, seen by Roudao Media Network, "The government wants to intensify the fight against al Daash."

And that "men and women send Danes is a big decision, so I can confirm that the government's plan received broad support from political parties represented in parliament," explaining that the proposal will be presented soon to a vote. "

Denmark has sent seven aircraft from the F-16 in 2014 to participate in the air strikes led by the US-led coalition against al Daash in Iraq but withdrawn last year for maintenance.

It is scheduled to return the aircraft to the task in the coming months.