Supreme religious authority renewed its demand that the decision-makers exert any approach faithful Ali (peace be upon him) to manage the affairs of state and the preservation of their money and not cheating ..

March 4, 2016 16:45
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The Representative of the supreme religious authority Sayyed Ahmed Safi (long Azza) in the second sermon of the Friday prayers (24 May 1437 e) corresponding to (4 March 2016) which was held in the courtyard Husseini al-Sharif imamate passages from books Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) to a number of his governors and workers to guide them how to deal with people and justice, including in a clear reference to the decision-makers, he said:
Brothers sisters in this sermon recite passages from books faithful Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) to a number of his governors and labor.
Books (peace be upon him) in his reign to Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr while imitated Egypt instructed him how to deal with her family, he said: (Vakhvd them your wing and Allen them beside you and simpler for them face lux them at the moment and look so do not be tempted greats in Hivk them nor despair vulnerable righteousness on them).
He wrote to one of his governors, a black bin stitches ordering him to justice among the people, he said: (The governor if different desires prevent so much of justice, let it be something people have the right to both, it is not in injustice instead of justice, Vajtenb What deny his ilk, and Aptzl yourself with suppose you God, Rajya reward, and fearing punishment).
He wrote (peace be upon him) to some of the workers who Khan secretariat and acquired public funds, saying (like you but you conspire this nation for worldly intends deceived about Viihm when Omkntek intensity in the betrayal of the nation rushed the ball and addressed the dash and kidnapped the estimated him of their money protected for their widows and their orphans abduction wolf immemorial (quick dash) bloody comforter Alxeirp because his campaign to the Hijaz capacious chest by carrying non Mtotm take it if you were not the father of someone else Hdrt to your family your heritage from your father and your mother, Glory to God, but believes Balamaad or afraid account ye numbered discussion we had of the men of understanding how confer drink and food, and you know you eat haram and drink haram and bought slaves and women marry orphans and the needy and the believers and the Mujahideen who Allah has bestowed on them this money funds and made them the country's Fear of God and echo to these people their money, you have not yet done then God I could you to Oadhirn to God in you and Odharpennek Bsevi which what struck him, but no one entered the fire and Oallah if Hassan or Hussein actually like who did what was for them I have not relentless Zfra me the will even take them right from wrong and was removed Mazlmthma).
God bless you, sir Moulay O faithful, always to guide and emulate Psontk and grant us success ..