Khalati stresses to expedite the adoption of controversial laws

2016/3/4 17:57
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Khalati stresses to expedite the adoption of controversial laws
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP stressed for the parliamentary bloc of Hassan Khalati on the need to accelerate the adoption of controversial laws in the parliament.
He Khalati told {Euphrates News} on Friday that it "is supposed to be on the agenda of the House of Representatives a priority task of the law as the law of amnesty and the Federal Court and the Supreme Justice and Accountability, oil and gas," adding that "these laws by controversial points was postponed voting on them during this period sufficiency by making sessions during the previous days dedicated to developing the performance of the House of Representatives. "
Khalati and stressed the need "to take the role of important laws for the purpose of voting upon the service for all", noting that "differing views prevented displayed in the realization of the previous House of Representatives agenda."
The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, had given legal representative on 6 February last week to resolve the legal {Federal Court, the general amnesty}, and to find solutions on the points of contention; to be presented to Parliament and vote on them. "
It is said that "political disagreements prevented reaching a private points of agreement on a range of important laws, especially the law of the Federal Court, the general amnesty. Ended