Khatib Kufa political blocs accuse of stealing $ 500 billion

Political Since 03/04/2016 14:12 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News
Accused the imam and preacher at a mosque in Kufa Friday Muhannad al-Moussawi, on Friday, the political blocs problem of the current government to reject the national reform project, indicating that it involved the biggest robbery of the wealth of the country more than $ 500 billion. "

Moussawi said in his sermon, the mosque of Kufa and attended / balances News / "The rejection of the president of the project of the National Reform is the parliamentary blocs, which represents the current government of all stripes," adding that "no justification for refusing to only fear for their privileges explosive and imports they brought from the ministries."

He said Friday sermon Kufa that "the political blocs Grha the patience of the people and the sneaking whisperer at the US embassy whispers them rejected and promises them protection from the wrath of the Iraqi people '', he underlined that" the reference delegated and the people in general, the prime minister to make sweeping reforms, but he did not invest a chance of this authorization until the time and so only out of fear of the wrath of other parliamentary blocs'.

Musawi said that "the president is indispensable for the people and if the people did not benefit him the wrath of the consent of the political blocs that want their own interests."

He noted that "the political blocs participated biggest theft of the wealth of the country is estimated at more than $ 500 billion." Ended 29/42 g