Vice is the victory in the island 's security] in response to the sectarian votes

Seen as an MP for the National Alliance Firdaus al-Awadi, on Thursday, the victories achieved by the security forces and the popular crowd in the process of [the island's security] in response to the voices that is driven by sectarianism.
Al-Awadi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] that "the victories achieved by the crowd in the liberation and cleanse the area of ​​the island in record time, is the best response to the client-driven sounds of sectarianism."
She noted the statement said that "what the crowd from the heroic role of humane best answer to the proxy votes, which is driven by sectarian," pointing out that "the crowd People and the Iraqi army are to ensure the unity of Iraq," pointing out that "the cooperation with Daash and behind Saudi Arabia and America guilty used against the people of the affected provinces occupied by Daash helping them and embrace them and that they have sold their parents and their towns positions promised to them by their masters that they may make them mouthpieces for the division of Iraq. "
She continued, "The pure blood of the sons of the crowd resistor and support the resistance line before every free Iraq is the guarantee for the preservation of Iraq by all sects of the Zionist American conspiracies - Saudi Arabia."
Awadi drew congratulations "to the Iraqis honorable victories achieved by the popular crowd, who stopped all the projects emanating from foreign agendas and adopt other internal to the rhythm of Iraq into all the tension and division," calling for the vote, which aimed at the crowd and trying to prevent him from entering the areas occupied by the Daash to "silence after that exposed their plots. "
The security forces have been announced to raise the Iraqi flag on the banks of blather and inflict Daash terrorist gangs great human and material losses.