Parliament voted to hold a session to discuss the performance and looking Diyala and Peggy

House of Representatives voted in its meeting held on Thursday under the chairmanship of Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 249 deputies, to hold a hearing to discuss his work, within the near future, as reviewed the situation in the province of Diyala and Baiji.
At the outset of the session Jubouri face according to a statement to inform Parliament of the security and defense committee in Parliament to expedite the submission of a report on security events in Diyala and witnessed the events in some regions, calling on security leaders in Diyala province and the governor and deputy governors to communicate with the security and defense committee and submit a report to the Presidency of the Council on developments events in Diyala, declaring his chairing of the Special Committee to follow up the situation and the security reality in Diyala, alluding to the Council's intention to convene a meeting to follow up on the security situation in Iraq during the next week.
The House voted to hold a hearing in the coming period with the commissioning of the Committee members of the Department of Research Affairs and provide a detailed report containing an assessment of the work of the Council in all its aspects, after it was scheduled to discuss the work of the House of Representatives in today's session.
The face-Jubouri Research Service in the House of Representatives to speed up the submission of a detailed report on the work of the Council and the performance of its staff and all related tasks in order to remove all obstacles for its work, noting that the evaluation process or development take place according to data previews, stressing the need to assess and evaluate the performance of the Council to resolve especially with the problems and obstacles while working in parliamentary committees reflected on the performance of the legislative institution.
Then he gave the Attorney Qutaiba al-Jubouri, a presentation on the security reality in the city of Baiji, which he referred to the deterioration of the situation in the judiciary and exposed infrastructure to destruction at the hands of elements of al-Daash terrorist, urging the concerned authorities for international assistance for the reconstruction of the judiciary and considered a disaster area, calling for the formation of a parliamentary delegation to visit city Baiji to find out the reality intact and help re-Tahlleha and provide services to its residents.
The face of the al-Jubouri, the committees of defense and security and reconstruction services to provide a recommendation for approval in the House of Alnwab.