Nigerian Oil Minister: a meeting of OPEC members and outside Moscow in March 20

The news agency quoted [Bloomberg News] International for Nigerian Oil Minister Emmanuel Ebi Katcheko as saying Thursday that the key members of OPEC planned to meet with other producers of oil in Russia on March / March 20 to hold new talks on a freeze on oil production levels.
Bloomberg quoted the minister as saying that there will be "sharp movements in prices," after the meeting.
"The Saudis and the Russians, and everyone will return to the negotiating table."
He noted Nigeria's oil minister that "the producers in general are seeking to raise the price of crude to $ 50 a barrel."
Iraq has welcomed the quadrilateral agreement, which was held on 16 February last between Russia - Saudi Arabia - Qatar-Venezuela] judge to freeze oil production for these countries at the level of exports for the month of January last.