World Bank gives Iraq a certificate to reduce associated gas flaring

World Bank grants and the Oil Ministry, on Thursday, a certificate of appreciation for the efforts of Iraq to reduce the associated gas from the southern oil fields burning gas.
According to the oil ministry said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "reduce global gas flaring program Björn Hamso director of the certificate provided for Iraq to reduce a good amount of burning gas from oil fields and emphasize the need for continued support of Iraq for this project to get to stop gas flaring Permanently".
The statement stressed that "certificate awarded to efforts by Iraq to reduce gas flaring in 2015 in the southern oil fields," adding that "the reduction operations came after Iraq Akmal extraction facilities for processing operations."
"The quantities that lowered from the burning of gas amounted to more than 400 million standard cubic feet", adding that "these amounts invested of gas, amounting to 400 Mqmq been utilized to feed electric power stations with fuel and also make use of them in the petrochemical and fertilizer."