Integrity retreat from the prosecution of "corrupt officials"


Thursday 0.3 March 0.2016

Mohammed Saleh wrote: restored judiciary , accusing senior officials of corruption files and inflated wealth, referred to him Integrity Commission. And he demanded the elimination of the body identify corruption, a move seen by observers retreat from the prosecution of corrupt files.
And threw the political differences cloud the Integrity Commission, where President charges "political miscarriage."

Declared the Integrity Commission, on 18 February last, they referred to the courts Vice - chairman of the sacked ministers, Bahaa al - Araji, Saleh al - Mutlaq, as well as Farouk al - Araji, a former director of the Office of the commander in chief, and Naim Abaob, former Mayor of Baghdad, on charges of graft and career exploitation.

Members of the integrity Commission, contend the escalation of the work of the integrity Commission, but acknowledged its inability follow - up about 19,000 file corruption is expected almost doubled to 30 thousand end of this year.

The members of the committee near the referral of senior officials to justice on charges of corruption and inflation wealth.

MP says Juma Diwan Bahadli, a member of the parliamentary integrity Committee, he said that "the integrity Commission procedures to refer 7 current and former officials to justice should be based on a legal basis and strong deterrent and evidence , "but he praised the role of the body in the corrupt accountable.

Sees Bahadli, told the (range), that" the moment is appropriate to prosecute the corrupt and bring them to justice in order to recover funds the Iraqi people , "pointing out that" the judiciary restored political figures file to the integrity Commission after the referring them earlier. "

Declared the integrity Commission, on 22 February last, referral of three senior officials to justice on charges of inflated money and graft, but did not disclose their names, citing as targeting a particular corruption without personal or block certain goals.

Led accusations by some accused of corruption to the head of the figures, to a decline in performance over the past week.

On that attaches MP Albhadi, a member of the Liberal bloc, that " the judiciary restored political figures files to the integrity Commission and demanded money identifying those responsible inflated sites. " He pointed out that "an elimination came for the money these officials inflation statement."

Confirms a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that "eliminating answered directly to the Integrity Commission and demanded that show him a citizen of inflation," returned "This procedure is legal and is not a disadvantage against the Integrity Commission . "

MP added Juma Bahadli said , "after the answer to the integrity Commission the request of the judiciary, the latter will wait for 90 days in order to listen to the answers , accused personalities inflation money."

Declared Bahaa al - Araji, a leader of the Liberal bloc, said he filed a complaint against the head of the integrity Commission Hassan Yassiri , accusing him of libel and exploit the body's "miscarriage" and the defense of his political bloc.

He described al - Araji , an integrity Commission to "whirlwind , " attributing the cause to raise to detect "about oil licensing rounds, which affected certain political bloc belongs head of the integrity Commission Hassan Yassiri . "

For his part , says MP Adel Noori, a spokesman for the parliamentary integrity Committee, said that" the integrity Commission continuing to refer the files of corruption to justice in the coming periods in order to hold all defaulters who caused the waste of public money. "

He said Nuri, that" the judiciary will decide on all files Transmitted by the integrity Commission in accordance with legal and constitutional standards that depend on the study of these files in all its aspects through queries and answers and questions. "

Confirms Kurdish lawmaker that" slogan (Where did you get this?) will not be useless after the Prime Minister announced in 2016 years to eliminate corrupt , "pointing to" the need for real will of the executive bodies to eliminate corruption. "

He revealed MP Adel Nouri from" the presence of 19,000 corruption file with the Commission on Public integrity, "adding , " We can not predict the number of accused of corruption figures that will be forwarded to the judiciary by the body. " But Nuri predicted that "size up these files, until the end of this year, to about 30 thousand file corruption."

Stresses Haider Alfoada, the other member of the Integrity Commission, that " the work of the Integrity Commission began to evolve during the current election cycle after the monitoring of file corruption . " , but he said , "We want to be the work of the body better than last term."

Said Haider Alfoada, that " the integrity Commission need to increase judges and investigators in order to improve their performance due to the large file corruption." He revealed , "near the assignment of senior figures from corrupt officials to justice."