President of the Court of Cassation, says he does not support the government

Thursday 03-03-2016 | 12:39:41

Twilight News president of the Federal High Court of Cassation Judge Zaidan / said that the eradication policy is in the state does not support the government, and rejected the accusations launched by some of the politicization of the judicial institution.

The judge said ultra Zidane in an extended interview to the newspaper "eliminate" received excerpts of the Twilight News, he said that "the subject of accusations of politicization eliminate old and used to eliminate hearing an accusation has no basis of true."

He added that "the judiciary is part of the state institutions and is keen to maintain and preserve the state."

Zidane and stressed that "the judiciary supportive of the state in accordance with the provisions of the law, especially after the year 2003, as despite the different governments and its characters, but the elimination of his position, and one which is state support in accordance with the provisions of the law."