The head of the citizen: We support Abadi and contribute to calming the situation

Prime citizen Bloc Hamid vegetative said we support as a bloc citizen Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and contribute to calming the situation.
He explained vegetative in a statement the media to his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Wednesday that "we as a bloc citizens do not seek only to change the minister according to impartial and efficient determine the successful minister according to specific criteria, but failed diagnosis, which did not provide the service of the country did not work according to the regulations."
Vegetative discussed during a meeting with Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations representative in Iraq, George Posten conditions through which Iraq and the upcoming government and the mechanics of its formation.
He called Urban not to continue to work in state institutions and independent bodies acting as a cause of corruption because some do not receive the post of acting on my own work and for each subject moods in order to stay in office.
He stressed that "" the leaders of the National Alliance, now holding intensive meetings to come out with visions clear to overcome the crisis in Iraq.
Vegetative He noted an important issue which is the popular crowd Foundation, which has written the finest images tournament and edited with their brothers from the security forces, most of the territories that were controlled by terrorist organizations Daash. Val: "To cut off the avenues on who speaks on the children of the popular crowd and especially after the UAE minister's remarks, which he described vain words does not accept the fair-minded people and we know it is illegal and it is not logic that even the popular crowd with terrorists, so we would like to show that we intensify our efforts by legislation Guard Law National until you save Knocked their rights and their participation in the liberation of Mosul as part of our territory and the population of all shades of the Iraqi people, and this is our duty.