Kurdish lawmaker calls for the dimensions of the security services from quotas

He called the Kurdistan Alliance MP Majid Chenkali, on Wednesday, for the dimensions of the intelligence services for partisan quotas.
He Chenkali told all of Iraq [where] that "should the security and intelligence agencies do not rely on quotas partisan, and work on finding destinations capable of administration to the security file and the protection of the citizen," pointing out that "the activation and management of the intelligence effort properly will reduce a lot of security breaches." .
He noted the Kurdistan Alliance MP that "the security services responsible for the terrorist violations," pointing to "the need to activate the intelligence effort and to punish those who got violations in the military responsibilities axes."
The capital, Baghdad earlier this week, a suicide Maridi market area in Sadr City, which left dozens dead and wounded target.
As a suicide bomber blew himself up at a funeral in the district of Muqdadiyah, which caused the deaths and wounding dozens.