Jubouri criticizing the behavior of some MPs and stresses develop procedures to maintain the prestige of the state

Criticized House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri on Wednesday, the actions and behavior of some members of Parliament, which does not take into account the prestige of the state.

Jubouri said during the parliament session today that "the behavior of some MPs do not take into account the prestige of the state or the Council does not comply with the nature of the obligation placed work rests with Parliament, or MP," pointing out that "may result in a distortion of the nature of the work or performance, whether the course of the media or a mass, from without a guide. "
"The Council will not remain silent in front of these actions will be implemented procedures to maintain Haah State Council and its performance and its political system, and based on this it has add a clause to the Code of Conduct voted on by the Council in the last session includes several paragraphs of a deterrent."