Iraq plans to claim a permanent seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Minister of Justice Haider Zamili, the determination of Iraq's claim for a permanent seat on the Human Rights Council at the United Nations.
A statement from the ministry, agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of the minister Zamili, during a meeting with the Iraqi Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva supporter of Saleh, his emphasis on "the ministry is ready to cooperate with the United Nations to improve the quality of human rights in Iraq," noting that " The Ministry of human rights has been canceled, and adopted the Ministry of Justice files. "
And that "aspect of the human rights organization was affiliated under the umbrella of the Independent Human Rights Commission, in order not to be under the influence of the government, and thus be of independence and impartiality."
He Zamili "The segment has become under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice the government," pointing out that "the ministry has made great efforts for the success of the integration of the rights of file rights at the Ministry of Justice process, in addition to the humanitarian aspect is the prerogative of the ministry, being concerned with the preservation of the rights of citizens." .
"The real efforts made by the Permanent Representative in Geneva enabled Iraq now claim to obtain a permanent seat on the Human Rights Council at the United Nations", expressing his thanks "to these extraordinary efforts in supporting the Iraqi government."
For his part, the ambassador told supporters in favor, according to the statement, "the greetings of the High Commissioner and the President of the Human Rights Council to the minister, praised the significant role of the Ministry of Justice to adopt a humanitarian role through its commitment to the Human Rights Ministry canceled Files". article.php%3Fstoryid%3D110304&edit-text=