Sheikh Mohammed and Baپar discuss unifying Kurdish positions on the new lineup for the Iraqi government

2016-03-03 01:02:02 | (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Search vice president of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Aram Sheikh Mohammed with the Emir of the Kurdish Islamist group Baپar to unify the visions about the new lineup of the government and the importance of the active presence of the Kurds in any change and Zraa coming.

A statement from the Information Office of the Deputy Speaker, Word for Twilight News, Sheikh Mohammed received here today in the presence of the heads of Kurdish blocs, the Emir of the Islamic Group in Kurdistan Baپar Mr. Ali and his entourage.

The statement added that Baپar praised the role of representatives of the Kurds in the House of Representatives and the Federal Government and install the Kurdish position in the political process, stressing the need to preserve the Kurdish row in Baghdad and unify business together and the exclusion of political differences within the region and not to affect the efforts.

He asked the Emir of the group in the meeting about how to put a sponsor for the preservation of the Kurdish forces in the site map and within the political decision - making center in Iraq mechanisms.

The statement noted that Sheikh Mohammed Browse For his part , the core and fundamental to share the Kurds in government cabin points, emphasizing the preservation of the rights of all nationalities and components of the people , and which take into account the parliamentary system, the Constitution and the separation of powers, with the stick to 20% of the right of existence of the Kurds in all institutions and bodies in the state Iraqi.

And the price of the Vice President of the Council in the context of his speech every effort to prevent the Kurdish blocs the way for any political party trying to enter negotiations alone, stressing the need to exit the Kurdish unanimously to ensure national role and to achieve major partnership within the political process.

At the end of the meeting , participants confirmed to continue to work towards uniting the visions and win the Kurdish national rights within the government on the basis of partnership and maturity and non - acceptance of injustice that took place toward the Kurds in the current government and previous governments.