The end of the presidencies of the blocks and the meeting definitely need to make a cabinet reshuffle

2016-03-03 00:34:16 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Concluded the three presidencies and the leaders of political blocs, a meeting which was held inside the Peace Palace in Baghdad, on Wednesday evening, which stressed the need for a cabinet reshuffle.

A statement by the Presidency of the Republic, he was "out of unnecessary success in the task of developing and diversifying our national income resources based on national our potential self to face the consequences of the decline in oil imports , the economic crisis with the need to provide a complete victory over" terrorism "kits, and a commitment to the principle of the need for constructive consultations to ensure the therefore, a meeting at the peace Palace in Baghdad attended by President Fuad Masum and Prime Minister Haidar al - Abbadi and chairman Salim al House of Representatives with the leaders and the heads of political blocs. "

He added that "discussions were held in a frank and positive atmosphere, was to emphasize the need for a cabinet reshuffle in accordance with the professional standards and efficiency , including a comprehensive reform is in the project."

He pointed out that "In this regard, the Prime Minister will present the consultations and the results of work of the Special Committee formed in the cabinet during the coming period on the three presidencies and the heads of political blocs and only in the vein views of academics, specialists and independent, leading to the preparation of a comprehensive reform program that is in the service of citizens and address the economic challenges and the political and security that hinder the political process. "

The statement noted that the meeting "discussed the security situation was convicted bombings of civilians in several parts of the country and to support and sustain the armed forces and security services in the fight against" terrorist groups "and private Daash and the willingness to free all Iraqi territory from Conception terrorism."

The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi called, in (February 9, 2016), to make a change and ministerial substantially comprising technocrats figures, calling for the House of Representatives with the support the government in this procedure.