Very soon .. new ministerial cabin will be announced (details)

02-03-2016 09:15 PM

Orbit News -

The head of the Iraqi political thinking center Ihsan al - Shammari, on Wednesday, said that in the coming days will be the announcement of the new government cabin, pointing out that some political parties are working to obstruct the cabinet reshuffle until gaining some positions own.

Al - Shammari said in a press statement, said that the 'change data inevitably , because there is a great insistence of al - Abadi, but the issue is related to the political forces agree ', pointing out that' there are frequent meetings of the political Commission of the National alliance in order to agree on a cabinet reshuffle. '

He added that' the coming days will witness the declaration of the new government cabin, because to continue this silence will give the message that the reforms stalled and the process of going to the technocrats did not see the light ', adding that' there is an in- depth discussion on the reform project to restructure ministries at the level of agents and general managers , and this is what poses a threat to some of the political parties that see the targeting of influence '.

He Shammari that 'these political parties are working to block the submission of the cab from in order to get some reassurance in what is associated with some positions own', explaining that 'Abadi to Erpt between the period prescribed by Moqtada al - Sadr and the announcement of the new cabin that because the prime minister is seeking to achieve agreement between the political forces of change Ministerial '.