Parliamentary legal completed a draft of the amnesty and its amendments allow a review of the "terrorism" cases

News Source: Ali Abd al - Salman

March 2, 2016 20:59

Legal Parliamentary Committee confirmed on Wednesday the completion of the preparation of the draft of the amnesty law, and revealed the receipt of proposals for the formation of a committee to reconsider some issues involving the sufferings, and whilst recognizing that the confessions of some convicts may be "obtained under duress or as a result of confidential informant," stressing the need to re-trials under the eyes of the judiciary and public prosecution and control of parliament.

A member of the Committee, the ultra - Sheikh Ali, in an interview, " The committee has completed the draft of the amnesty law, which is still subject to discussion and debate," he returned " The problem now lies in the political blocs that poses a new vision every day, including the Alliance of Iraqi forces and the Sadrist movement, on the basis that they have detained propose the formation of a committee to re - trial of some of them. "

Said Sheikh Ali, that" the proposals received by the Commission, it calls for the formation of a committee to verify the charges against some of the detainees, including the judges of the court that issued the sentences on them as well two members of the legal Committee and the Commission on human rights and representatives of the government , "noting that" the task of the proposed committee is to reconsider some of the issues that could involve the sufferings of the detainees. "

He explained MP for the National Democratic Movement, that" the proposal does not include re - trials also believed other, but the formation of a commission of inquiry to look into the possibility of judicial errors during the trial, "following up" the other justification for the formation of the committee is the secret Palmbr which has proved beyond doubt the lack of sincerity often, as well as charges of malicious and extract confessions from suspects by force. "

From for his part , other member legal committee, Salim Shawki said, in an interview, " the judicial bodies are similar, and can not take sides , one for the other, and that the judiciary should be independent , " and expressed fear of "exploiting retrials to circumvent the judiciary through which" .

According to the National Alliance MP, said : " the Committee agreed on the principle of returning some of the trials to ensure the fairness of the judiciary and cut removes all doubt, provided that this is done under the eyes of the judiciary and public prosecution and control of the House of Representatives, to the lack of any manipulation."