The Court of Cassation ratified the imprisonment of officials in Babil province on charges of forgery

Baghdad -arac Press -2 March / March: Federal Court of Cassation announced on Wednesday that it has ratified the imprisonment aggravated against local officials, after being convicted by a criminal court on charges of fraud in the province of Babylon in southern Iraq decisions.

The head of the resumption of Babylon, the Federal Court judge Haidar Naieli in a press statement, said that the Federal Court of Cassation decided to ratify all decisions issued by Criminal Court Judge Babylon severe imprisonment for a current member of the provincial council Silverline hilarious and chief engineer in the streams of Babylon circle.

He added that the first body in the Criminal Court had issued against them in jail for a period of three years, on the back of a forgery case, based on the provisions of Article 289 of the Iraqi Penal Code. "

Naieli reported that the Court of Cassation found that the decisions issued by the Criminal Babylon took into account the application of the law right after sufficient evidence was adopted, so I decided to ratification.

Iraq and is considered among the most corrupt countries over the past years, according to statistics from international organizations in the field of transparency.

He was Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last year's reform agenda include the fight against corruption and bring the perpetrators to justice, and since that time, the judiciary issued arrest warrants for senior officials, including memoranda of former ministers and current charges related Balvesad.anthy (1)