Deputies from the National Alliance claim Abadi to resign from the Dawa Party

BAGHDAD - Iraq - Presse - March 2 / March: called a number of deputies for the National Alliance, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, to make Asagalth of his party , " the Islamic Dawa Party , " as part of the reforms he wants to do.

He said MP Ali al - Badri told a news conference with a number of deputies of the National Alliance, said that "there shade of public opinion on the reforms, which saved the country from destruction and corruption only change minister , " noting that "some of the blocks you want to partially change of ministers and other want a political technocrats."

He said al - Badri , the "catastrophe in the country are not ministers only, but of agents and general managers in the ministries who are subject to quotas. "

He noted that" the prime minister if it comes ministers even though they are the prophets, van , which monitors their work is the competent parliamentary committees that are within the quotas partisan sectarianism , "and wondered" how can the minister works, and the surveillance are among the quotas. "

He stressed al - Badri , that" there is a reform program based on sound foundations and is not a cabinet reshuffle only , "noting that" this program starts from the Prime Minister he must abandon his party and that appears to Iraq as prime minister for all Iraqis to move the project reformist . "

And it appeared parliamentary and popular claims over the past period, since the launch of reform steps Abadi, asking him to resign from the membership of the Dawa Party, so that its decisions are independent and not subject to the pressures of the party. Q ended