Albzona: preliminary approval to hand over Basra dues Knaft and not as seed money

2016-03-02 01:29:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

The President of the Basra Governorate Council, Albzona morning, all for preliminary approval by the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and the Oil Ministry to hand over conservative financial dues of oil, amounting to 5% of the barrels produced in the province that have oil, not money payment , similar to foreign companies as well as also to agree on delivery of the money owed ​​to the province of local revenues Kalmnavz border and ports as part of a financial clearing.

Albzona said that the agreement also requires that the national oil company SOMO deduct the 5% ratio of Basra fields exclusively.

He Albzona that the French and Chinese companies and global banks asked Basra the presence of such a guarantee that those companies are obliged to establish amounts of money in the province account for at least $ 500 million that you receive throughout the year in the same world oil stocks unchanged.

Albzona He explained that he would not be seeking the quantities of oil to Basra , Iraq 's share of the oil but will be done through the introduction of untapped fields in the province for the service.

On the subject of the problem of water scarcity in Basra caused by the channel heresy irrigation Albzona that the problem lies in the presence of Aelchenblan plants that reduce the amount of the hyphen water to maintain he said , noting that the Ministry of Water Resources is in the process maintenance in preparation for the season next summer and will end maintenance process within three days of rises from meters to eight meters and ends the problem of piped water that hit many parts of Basra interruption.

As regards Balsdh that are created between the public downstream visual and marshes and the Shatt al - Arab Albzona the provincial council Sadeq said the disbursement of 350 million Iraqi dinars for the establishment of the embankment , which stopped the rush of salt water flowing from the public estuary coming from the provinces and water drainage in the marshes of Basra and the Shatt al - Arab , pointing that the project in its final stages.

As for the high pricing of fares power referred Albzona to the formation of a committee composed of a number of members of the provincial council and the Directorate of electricity production for the purpose of raising awareness among citizens about ways to reduce power consumption and energy conservation in order to avoid the pool amounts high on citizens after the lifting of wages by the ministry indicating that the student council the Ministry of Electricity in an earlier time being except for Basra province , has spent the most money on electricity and the atmosphere is characterized by very hot during the summer.