Labour announces the re - launch and the allocation of 9 billion dinars for the granting of loans


Labour announces the re-launch and the allocation of 9 billion dinars for the granting of loans

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Minister of Labour and Social Affairs announced the allocation of 9 billion dinars especially to the provinces that have large proportions in recoveries lending borrowers.
The Sudanese after chairing Fund Board to support small income-generating projects in the Statement / KD / received a copy of it: that the ministry reconsidered the controls and mechanisms of granting loans within the scope of fund to support small projects for the purpose of simplification of procedures and reduction of time and provide the best we can to facilitate the task of the citizen and ensure access on the loan.
He said the ministry has achieved good rates of reimbursement lending from the provinces reached more than 9 billion dinars, or the equivalent of 48% of the disbursements, pointing out that these amounts will be distributed with priority given to the provinces that have achieved higher rates to recover the amounts.
He said the Minister of Labour that the sum of the amounts that have been recovered in favor of the lending fund during the current year amounted to nearly three billion dinars in Baghdad and the provinces given the program's (1503) borrowers were distributed between the first and second installments and industrial services.
He noted that there are some provinces that have not exploited well the amounts granted to them to lend to private citizens and the province of Basra, noting that the Fund's Board of Directors will consider the possibility of distribution of these amounts between the poor and the provinces according to population ratios.
The meeting included a table to discuss activating the central bank loans intended for the establishment of small and medium enterprises in sectors (industrial, agricultural, housing, commercial, and educational, and health, and tourism), as well as draft Industrial Services, where it was agreed to set aside half a trillion dinars for loans industrial services in Anbar province.
The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs adopted a new action plan to achieve the speed in completing the borrowers transactions including those related to the health of the issuance guarantor borrower through the creation of more than 20 accredited instead of two distributing between ministries to complete the task of release, as well as the intersection of borrower data and control the flow of transactions through networking between the departments concerned completion of borrowers transactions, as well as linking with the departments of social protection for women and men to make sure of the safety of the borrower's position, bypassing the on-site disclosure requirement for the completion of the completion of the treatment of the beneficiary and replaced snapped a commitment from the guarantor and the borrower's legal department to reduce the preparation of the undertakings offered by the borrower that. / End / 22 /