Calls for the implementation of the decisions stimulating business

2/3/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
He called a consultant in industrial development and investment to the need for the application and implementation of legislation and supporting complementary economic system in the country and decisions in order to get the economy moving in different sectors, and to achieve sustainable development through the business community and citizens. Advisory Amer Jeweler stressed that the application and implementation of the laws of economics are of great importance to reflect positively on the economy, the movement and flexibility of the implementation of projects and increase credibility with business and citizens and to improve the reputation of Iraq's international community.


He pointed out that such legislation and government decisions came after years of efforts in joint collaboration with the private sector and the use of a number of specialists and international organizations, in order to avoid falling into mistakes and direct set up in light of the need for them. Jeweler and stressed the importance of approving the stalled bills, including infrastructure law, as well as modifying other laws essential complementary economic system in Iraq as a law for small and medium enterprises, economic reform, the partnership between the public and private sectors, and amending the Banking Act.

Legislation and decisions

Also recommended proper systematic of the most important decisions and laws Baltfiel for the advancement of various sectors, especially productivity, including: «Cabinet decision in 2010 to restructure public companies, which promotes a systematic partnership between the public and private sectors in the various sectors of the economy and the transition to a mixed joint stock companies and the representation of the private sector institutions in their boards to ensure the productivity of those companies, as well as strategic energy, industrial strategy, which recommended the establishment of a new mixed companies to implement large-scale projects and priority, in addition to seriously implement and flexible laws broken, or lagging, the most prominent consumer protection laws, and antitrust, and the protection of Iraqi products ».