Legal representative: Change heads of independent bodies automatically during the government reshuffle expected

Parliamentary Legal Committee, made it clear on Tuesday that "changing the heads of independent bodies will be automatically during the upcoming reshuffle."
Committee Chairman Mahmoud Hassan told all of Iraq [where] that "changing the heads of independent bodies will be automatically during the forthcoming cabinet reshuffle, because these bodies managed by proxy and that the change will wait for the House vote on the candidate from Prime Minister just names."
Hassan called "the political blocs to work together to make the required changes in the ministries, and the granting of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confidence to direct the change."
He pointed out that "the fundamental change in government must be at least 10 key ministries," noting that "the process needs to negotiations and acceptance of the political blocs of names put forward."
The prime minister has called for political blocs in the earlier Ptvobih to choose a government of technocrats away from sectarian quotas.
The MP for the Union of Forces Abdul Rahman Alloizi earlier, to submit an application signed by a number of MPs to end the proxy appointment, noting that "the decisions of the appointed proxy is weak and the public interest.
Several political parties and blocs have rejected the style of acting appointment of government institutions, demanding an end to the administration acting in all aspects of the state.