Scheduling demonstrations in front of the green walls and provincial councils 3pm next Friday

March / March 1, 2016 14:11

BAGHDAD - Baghdad News .. Central Committee overseeing the demonstrations announced on Tuesday for an appointment demonstrations in front of the green walls and provincial councils 3pm next Friday for reform and the elimination of corruption and the corrupt.
The Commission said in a statement Baghdadi News received a copy of it, that " the date of the demonstration on Friday , half past three o'clock in the afternoon in the whole of Iraq."
The Commission called on the demonstrators to be " a national logos and uniform where Maimit nothing not to infighting and sectarian, ethnic, but the sons of one people of one nation, and not to raise any image, logo or banner is the Iraqi flag."
He stressed the "preservation of peace and security of the demonstration in full cooperation with the security services and the preservation of public property", indicating that "demonstrations in the provinces will be near the provincial council building and maintaining either in Baghdad near the walls of the Green Zone."
The Committee pointed to " the need for full coordination with civilian activists loyal to their country," stressing " the participation of all the province and district centers in the provinces, in addition to the participation of all segments of Iraqi society in all its factions and factions."
Commission demonstrators and directed "not to wear the uniform and never carry any kind of weapons, and full compliance with the directives and instructions of the Central Committee overseeing the demonstrations."
It is said that the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, called yesterday, a major demonstration in front of the gate of the Green Zone on Friday, that the demonstration be in Baghdad and the provinces at the same time and the time to reach the message is clear to all.