Representative investment reveal the purpose of establishing the Forum "economic"

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The Commission on economy and investment representative, said Tuesday that the Iraqi economic forum founding objective of supporting the private sector and investment, according to the Government recommendations for development of economic realities.

Najiba, said Committee member Najib, l/balance of news, "this forum came to promote the country's economy through support for the private sector and the banking and investment business, bringing expertise and sensitize relevant sectors in the Government, in addition to exchanging views with legislative and executive bodies as well as with other States."

Najib said, "when this forum will hold a meeting or other activity is extraction to provide a report or recommendations to the Government and stakeholders to introduce and benefit the development of the economic reality, stating that" this forum is supervised by a group of concerned with economy and trade has the experience and dedication to provide the service.

Noting that "the decline in oil prices and limited income might make those involved in Government to be serious about considering each promoted the views of this forum, consulted and could take steps for the better, we as a Committee our economy continues with each economic forums in the country".

She said that "the security situation in some regions may be unhelpful, political situation, there may be genuine and serious in a particular County, so you must provide the appropriate ground for success and assume all responsibility out of this crisis which became victims of Iraqi citizens."

It is worth noting that nine Iraqi economic organizations, announced the formation of a new forum to promote the private sector's role and contribution in building Iraq and be an influential regional away and corrupt opportunists.
From: OLA msaul