Integrity Act gives Abadi right "stripping" the financial accounts of the heads of blocs

Dated: Tuesday 01/03/2016 7:06

Invitation of the Prime Minister, on Sunday - 02/28/2016, universally heads of political blocs and asked about inflation in the winning bloc, requires the exercise of the integrity of the mandate entrusted to the Integrity Commission Act, No. (31) for the year 2011 in the article (17 / second ten),
Which was granted the Integrity Commission, the power to request financial disclosure of any other personal non-figures set by law, and binds it to provide financial disclosure, so that the financial report of the pending issues, and data financial disclosure, which serve as the basis and foundation to get to the graft, applied only employees, and degrees by the law in Article (17) mentioned, and paragraphs from the first to the eleventh and twelfth, fired the hands of integrity in exercising its non-staff and grades mentioned .. which can be invoked to this paragraph, to ask the heads of blocs and parties and entities, coalitions and alliances , requirements for financial disclosure, and accountability for graft, and bring them to the court of inquiry, like the staff and grades specific to Article 17 of the Integrity Commission Act, namely the President, the deputies, and members of the legislature, and the prime minister and his deputies, ministers and those who are Badrjtah, and their agents and employees especially favorable, judges and sovereign positions in the region, and conservatives and members of the provincial councils, and heads of independent bodies and their agents and their deputies, ambassadors, consuls and supplements, and the leaders of the corps and the teams, and the heads of the security services, and general managers, and their grade, and investigators of the integrity Commission and officers from the rank of lieutenant colonel or above .. the head of any mass or entity or party or coalition or alliance, if the aforementioned employees, it must provide Khvin.
First detected regard to his person and the same, and detecting the second for his bloc and his party and his coalition and the alliance and of his being, but if the head of the political or coalition bloc or coalition or entity or party is an employee, he must submit a single detection includes own political bloc or alliance or coalition or entity funds or the party that headed, this topic requires the integrity Commission to exercise its legal authority previously mentioned, the two presidents and reporting, to provide financial statements and reports for disclosure blocs and alliances and tendencies, and their parties, like a government employee to disclose covered disclosure of those we have mentioned earlier.