Iran condemns Baghdad bombings denies reduce the number of advisers in Iraq

He denounced the spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry Gabri Hussain Ansari, the recent bombings in the capital Baghdad and claimed the lives of dozens of martyrs and wounded.
Ansari said at a press conference held today in Tehran "have been killed in the suicide bombings Unfortunately seventy people, innocent people and wounding dozens of them, and these operations come a continuation of terrorist operations and suicide carried out by groups such as Daash which turned the area into a state of insecurity and instability."
He said Ansari said that "this process further evidence that terrorist groups do not want political solution to the crisis in Iraq and Syria is seeking to avenge the burning of the region and of its people."
In response to a question on Iran to reduce the number of advisers in Iraq said Ansari: that these rumors will not affect the growing ties between Iran and Iraq, "adding that" Iran's presence in Iraq is a consultant and came at the request of the Iraqi government. "
It was a double bombing at the Great Prophet mosque in Shula, northwest of Baghdad last Thursday, which led to the martyrdom of 16 people and injuring another 30, including members of the police.
Also saw Sadr City, eastern Baghdad on Sunday, the era of double bombing of an explosive device and suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt occurred in the market for the sale of mobile phones [mobile] in the popular Maridi market resulted in the death and wounding more than 200 people, according to security and medical sources.
Abadi and lose site of the blast and stressed that "terrorism will not deter us from continuing victories on criminal gangs."